Labor Day Shopping: Garage Sale Weekend

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Labor Day weekend can be a big weekend for garage sales, especially if the weather is favorable. Make a day of it by planning your route, bringing lots of cash and going with a friend.


Garage Sale Tips

While you’re hoping to find deals at garage sales, it’s still a good idea to go shopping with a list. You want to decrease the temptation to buy things you don’t need. Clutter is still clutter, no matter how cheap the items you purchased were.

Bring cash in small bills. You don’t want to pull out a twenty for an item that costs a dollar. Not only could you wipe out the sellers change reserves, but you’re also making it less likely they’ll dicker with you. If they know you’ve got enough money to pay the higher price, they won’t want to go lower.

If you’re looking for furniture, have adequate cash and space in your vehicle to accommodate a larger purchase.

Plan your route in the morning before you go out. Look at local Pennysaver garage sale listings or check craigslist to find the local sales.

If you can, make your way to a neighborhood garage sale, like the 61-mile yard sale on Rte. 61, between Fruitland and Bloomsdale, Missouri. Some have a festival-like atmosphere with food vendors as well as dozens, if not hundreds, of garage sales.

Make the most of a Labor Day garage sale weekend and you’re sure to find some treasures to bring home!

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Barb Hacker is a mom to three boys and a freelance writer.