Traveling with Children: Snacks for Long Car Rides

Children on long car rides are likely to want frequent snacks. Not only can healthy snacks keep a traveling child occupied, they can lengthen the driving time in between meal stops.  Some foods make better traveling snacks than others. When picking snacks to stock the cooler, look for fruit, filling foods and healthy foods that won’t cause upset stomachs.  

162 Avoid sticky snacks and foods that will add empty calories.
Snack on Fruit While Traveling

Fruit can make great traveling snacks for kids. However, choose carefully. Some fruits are quite messy and can be sticky. Look for crisp apples, fresh berries and melon cubes for tasty, healthy and easy-to-clean snacks. Avoid bananas for young children. Mashed banana is difficult to clean out of clothing and car seats. Likewise, avoid fruits that tend to be juicy and messy, like plums and peaches.  

Filling Foods are Good Travel Snacks

Foods that fill stomachs are preferable to travel snacks that will leave children craving more. Cheese sticks, deli turkey and hard boiled eggs are all satisfying snacks. Avoid snacks like potato chips that will keep kids munching empty calories and make them excessively thirsty.

Choose Healthy Foods when Traveling

It’s easy to choose junk food when traveling with children. But, excessive junk food is likely to leave kids with belly aches. Pick healthy travel snacks for the majority of the snack food and choose minimal sugary treats.

Eating well while traveling can help make a long road trip with children a bit easier. Healthy snacks, like fruit and protein-rich foods, will fill little tummies and keep kids feeling well for the duration of the trip.

About the Author
Barb Hacker is a mom to three boys and a freelance writer.